Core Values

At Corys Geosynthtics, we are committed to a set of core values that not only define who we are, but also serve as guiding principles to help us become the company we would like to be. We aspire to live these values every day.


We are proud of our accomplishments, but we know that our success would not have been possible without the support of our people. We understand our limitations and know that to achieve excellence, we must constantly self-evaluate, learn and become better.


The products and services we create have an effect not only on our customers but also on our customers’ customers and on the environment. We cannot create long-term value for our shareholders without taking care of our customers, employees and the community.


To remain at the forefront, we must anticipate change and seize opportunities as they arise. We maintain a sense of urgency in what we do because we know that every moment counts.


We are passionate about delivering high quality services to our customers and addressing their business needs. We hold ourselves to high standards and always keep our promises.