The sole function of a Geomembrane is to act as a barrier against water or gas. It can be integrated into a multi-structure design called Lining System, with each layer performing a well-defined function. Corys Geomembranes are Polyolefin based materials, produced with high quality raw materials of HDPE, LLDPE, VLDPE and PP. Our Geomembranes are available in a variety of structures and compositions designed to meet a wide range of applications.

We are able to produce any combination from the following structures and finishings.

Structures and Finishing

Thickness :  0.75mm to 3,00mm


Coloured: Some projects might require a material colour other than black. It can be for aesthetic reasons, or if a light colour is required to minimise UV absorption and to make material damage detection easier.

Conductive: A Geomembrane can have a conductive bottom layer that can be spark tested to detect holes in the lining system.


  • DSS – Double Side Smooth
  • SST – Single Side Textured
  • DST – Double Side Textured
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Geomembranes can be used for the following application

  • Oil and Gas
  • Waste management – Municipal and Hazardous Landfills
  • Mining Industries
  • Drainage and Water
  • Energy
  • Agriculture, Landscape and fisheries