Quality Management

Corys Geosynthetics (CGS) has been producing and delivering materials since 1976. We are committed to consistently delivering a high level of quality products to satisfy our customer’s needs and expectations. The success of the company is based on accumulated experience, adopting new technologies and using high-quality materials. To maintain this, we stand committed to following the Quality Management System procedures as per the requirement of ISO 9001:2015.

Corys Geosynthetics is backed by dedicated and highly-qualified Technical, Marketing and Product Development personnel assigned by their experience and professionalism to bring out high-quality products. The company has diversified into innovative developments, such as adding Geomembrane to the existing range of Polyethylene based products, in an effort to match changing needs and its commitment towards protecting nature, the environment and natural resources.

CGS Quality Definition

The objective of the company’s Quality Assurance Policy is to provide the highest quality products and service to satisfy customer requirements.

Corys Geosynthetics is committed to the total Quality Management. Our QA/QC programs cover complete procedures, from Raw Material Acceptation, Manufacturing Process Control to final product inspection, meeting the product specification requirements and exceeding customer satisfaction.

Programs and procedures designed to implement this quality principle are developed by the QA/QC department and are implemented by every employee of the company.