Waste Management

The HDPE Geomembranes are the most commonly used membranes in the waste containment facilities thanks to their high chemical resistance, very low permeability to liquids and gases, and for their expected long service life.

The type of geomembrane to be used will vary according to the project design and the type of waste to be contained, always with the objective to ensure the stability and safety of the landfill sites.

  • Bottom liners in landfills will be built with a multilayer system, where the HDPE geomembrane will be the main layer ensuring the safety of the whole system.
  • In the Landfill capping, it is advisable to use an LLDPE Geomembrane. Slightly more flexible than the HDPE, it will help adapt to the settlements on inside the capped landfill after the waste decomposition and gas extraction.
  • For the leachate collection and storage ponds, it is necessary to use a material with a high chemical resistance (HDPE).